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At The LaGuardia Acting Studio we strive to make beginner actors great and experienced actors even better! We work with actors at all levels and help you progress at your natural speed. Our focus is preparing actors that are SERIOUS about making it in show business…actors who are really looking to pursue this as a career.

We work with ages 11 through adult…the one great thing about acting; you’re never too old to start!

Although our training is both in Stanislavski and Lee Strasberg’s methods and we are familiar with Meisner, this is not what we teach at LAS simply because not every technique will work for every person. We teach the “what works for you” technique…because ultimately, everyone is different and we don’t believe that anyone should be locked into one style.

We don’t only teach the art of acting but the business as well…far too many schools only stress acting technique and leave the actor (and their families) clueless as to where to go, what to do and how to break in! We combine learning the craft (Scene study, Monologues, Commercials, Acting for film & television, character development, etc.) with the basic knowledge of the business (Agents, Managers, Casting Directors, Audition etiquette, headshots, resumes, where to find auditions and more) so you leave with a much more well rounded understanding of what it takes to make it.

We are actors teaching actors, we will never rip people off with unrealistic promises or charge astronomical amounts of money. We offer very affordable rates, we’re very professional…and we try to make it fun. But it takes hard work…and we expect all of our students to work hard.

We are very fortunate to work on a consistent basis with most of the agents and casting directors in New York & Los Angeles.  We know they they’re looking for, what they expect and what they DON’T want…and we try to give our students as much of this knowledge as we can…and because we work so closely with the people in the industry we also want to expose our students to them…when we feel our actors are prepared enough and ready to meet with agents and casting directors, we will introduce you to them…Free of charge…we won’t charge you ridiculous prices in order to help you get ahead…we WANT our actors to succeed!

Also, many parents want to help their children break into the business but know very little or have been scammed in the past…we will always take the time to talk to parents, explain things to them and help them see who/what is legitimate and what is a complete waste of money.

Finally, we want all actors to know that yes, this business is extremely difficult and yes the competition is tremendous …BUT,  if this is your dream, we will do everything In our power to help…with hard work, training, dedication, knowledge and yes, a lot of luck…you can make your dreams a reality…you can become a professional actor.