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2 LAS Coached Actors get into College of Choice!!!

Posted in Uncategorized on March 27th, 2015 by admin

We are SO proud of our actors! 2 Actors came to us for coaching to get into the drama program of their first choice colleges and BOTH got in! Congratulations!!! We are happy to offer coaching for ALL auditions!

AUDITION TIPS Most acting schools do NOT teach you

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10 Audition Tips they don’t teach you in acting school!!!

1) DON’T BE LATE! Seriously…the first thing I teach my students; getting there early is on time. Getting there on time is late! Try to never be late to an audition…it sets a bad tone and a casting director will then wonder if you’re going to be late on set…you don’t need them worrying about things like that. ALWAYS be early…You much always leave extra time- Assume there will be traffic; assume there will be train delays…remember, when auditioning, excuses are never welcome. Even legitimate ones.
2) BRING YOUR HEADSHOT & RESUME. Because almost all submissions are done online, actors tend to forget their headshots/resumes at auditions. ALWAYS have one with you…you might not need it but when a casting director or a producer ask for it, and you don’t have it…it makes you look unprofessional…it makes you look bad. Just keep one with you for all auditions. I have seen the look casting associates give to actors who say they don’t have their photo…you don’t want to see that look. And heaven help you if the resume isn’t stapled to the back….please don’t be that person.
3) BE NICE! I shouldn’t have to say this but I must…actors are nice IN the audition room but some have attitudes and can be nasty to people running the auditions, monitors, etc…don’t you realize they are going to tell the people running the audition about your attitude? If you’re running late, ask nicely if there is anything that can be done…just be nice in general. There are a lot of talented people out there but no one wants to work with someone obnoxious.
4) RESPOND ASAP- When you get a call or an e-mail for an audition, please respond to it IMMEDIATELY. Especially if an agent or manager is getting you this audition…casting offices like/need to know who is coming as quickly as possible so they know how to finish their schedule…the longer you take to respond, the worse your agent or manager looks. People carry their phones on them EVERYWHERE…and phones get e-mail…there is no longer any excuse for a 4 hour delay in letting your agent know you’re available.
5) MEMORIZE- There are some different opinions on this but I think to really nail an audition you need to go in memorized. Still hold your sides, just in case…but you should really know then backwards and forwards…especially if you have them for a few days…being lost in the script is just unacceptable.
6) LISTEN!!!!- Actors never listen to the reader, they just worry about their lines…Acting is reacting…how can you react if you’re not totally present, in the moment and listening to the other actors. MANY casting directors that I know will specifically watch for this in an audition.
7) DON’T BLAME THE READER! There have been so many times that I have seen actors pissed off after an audition because of the reader. I have heard “That reader sucked”, “They gave me nothing”, “They messed me up”…more often than not, the reader is NOT an actor…they are not there to feed your emotion needs…they a re there to feed you lines…and it’s your responsibility to be 100% on point regardless of how bad or nonchalant the reader is.
8) LEAVE THE REAL WORLD OUTSIDE- Auditions don’t always come when life is wonderful…sometimes you’re going through things…a break up, family problems, etc…you cannot bring any of that into the room…what’s happening in your life is NOT what’s happening in the characters life…and once that audition starts, it’s the characters who is speaking/living in that moment…not you…
9) SHOW UP!- You would think this is so stupid for me to have to tell you but guess what? When they say showing up is half the battle, it IS! Actors notoriously don’t show up for auditions…even when agents send them! But when you self submit for indie films/plays, etc…I can personally guarantee that MANY actors will not come…So show up…it makes your odds better.
10) BELIEVE- I’m not saying be arrogant…I’m not saying to belittle the other actors…even in your mind…I am saying, going in knowing the role is going to be yours. BELIEVE that this role is you and no one else auditioning is going to bring the character to life like you are. Don’t just say, really believe it. It’s a subtle confidence that will go a long way. And trust me, if you walk thinking, “I’m never gonna get this”….you’re right.